Sports Injury Clinic

Our Sports and exercise injury centre will be available from the beginning of November 2011. It will deal with all manner of sport and exercise related injuries. It will be run by Colm O’Toole (BSc. Sport Science and Health, MSc. Exercise Rehabilitation, National Qualification Orthopaedic Sports Massage). He is also currently training as a Neuromuscular Therapist. Colm has worked with the St. Peregrines GAA club in Dublin and with the North Kildare Rugby Club in Kilcock along with many private clients over the past 3 years. His speciality is the rehabilitation from and the prevention of injuries. Combined with his experience in personal training he is uniquely situated to devise and supervise exercise based rehabilitation programmes, often by combining them with some of the many manual manipulative techniques in which he is proficient. Also, through his studies of sports, exercise and rehabilitative sciences, he is able to the underlying causes of the condition and therefore prevent the problem recurring.

Additionally Colm is one of the new generations of forward thinking therapists who is dedicated to the area of injury prehabilitation. Prehabilitation looks at the specific demands of an individual’s lifestyle and combines it with various health, exercise and work habits to form an injury model which can predict and subsequently attempt to prevent the problem occurring.

Typically each session will last 45 minutes. This includes the initial consultation, discussion of the problem and the probable causes and the appropriate tests to properly identify the problem. Once diagnosed the potential rehabilitative options will be discussed and explained. These options generally include the manipulative and exercise based solutions that best fit the underlying issue. Where possible these are designed to fit into the patient’s lifestyle so that they do not interfere with everyday life.

To Book please an appointment by calling 01-2761840.


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