Corporate Wellbeing

Pam has fifteen years experience working with both Corporate and Personal Clients in the Fitness and Wellbeing industry.

21st Zentury approach goes beyond the basic massage/fitness treatments, to facilitating and supporting your workforce’s growth in the multiple dimensions of health: physical and mental. We’re committed to providing individuals with the tools and knowledge to create their ideal work/life balance and health. We strive to do this through health promotion, educational programming, and service to your employee community.

Wellness is the guiding philosophy that leads to a way of life, which encourages personal responsibility and a balanced lifestyle, environmental awareness and personal growth.

Health Education provides employees’ with the necessary information and skills, to assist them in developing healthy lifestyles that will enable them to cope effectively with life’s challenges.

We believe that companies need to recognize the importance of maintaining and promoting the health and well-being of its employees.

Goals and philosophy
We are committed to:

  • Providing excellent and varied massage treatments that enhance your employees’ well being and effectiveness
  • offer gym programs and services emphasizing awareness, prevention, and positive health behavior change,
  • provide current and accurate information on personal and community health issues through workshops and 1-1 consultations,
  • enable companies to support individual growth through effective and targeted stress management techniques,
  • foster a corporate environment supportive of a healthy lifestyle, and
  • providing individuals the knowledge and skills to improve and maintain health that will enhance their life quality and work performance.

The services we provide are:

  • Chair and Table Massage programs (rehabilitation as well as relaxation)
  • Gym management (set up, facilities, staffing)
  • Personal training targeted to individuals’ needs and fitness objectives
  • Stress management program (combining 1-1 or group sessions)
  • Health and office wellness workshops (“how to stay fit at your desk”, “how to be fit without going to the gym”, and other topics tailored to your company’s needs
  • Gym classes: Pilates, general circuit, Abs, Lower body, other seasonal sessions(Golf clinic, Summer fitness program, etc)

We are committed to providing individuals and groups with the tools and knowledge to create their ideal work life balance and wellbeing. We strive to do this through health promotion, specific programs and customized services tailored to achieve direct mutual benefits to both the employee and company.

We truly believe that corporate wellbeing solutions are achieved through an integrated approach that combines Fitness, Relaxation and Health Management Services. There are several possible ways in which to implement a successful stress management program… 21st Zentury Health will perform a detailed Needs Analysis together with your company and develop a tailored program to put into practice.

An example of one of these packages when held here at the Centre could be as follows:

  • The day would begin by watching an inspirational or uplifting film aimed to motivate the individual.
  • Everyone would then partake in a Pilates or Yoga class for relaxation, ending with some meditation.
  • Each employee would then be given an upper back, shoulder and neck chair massage.
  • Each member of staff would then be armed with useful tools to help them manage their stress levels in our stress management program given by our trained consultant.

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Employers take the issue of stress seriously…
The World Health Organisation is predicting that by the year 2020, stress will be the major cause of workplace ill-health.

In Ireland, some personal injury claims for stress in the workplace have gone as high as €100,000. This emphasises the need for companies to have a proactive approach in Stress Management in the workplace.

Reduced Productivity
In addition to the cost of employee compensation, stress may cause reduced productivity:

  • Poor Work Performance
  • Increased Absenteeism
  • Poor Morale
  • Increased Staff Turnover
  • Diverted administrative and management time


According to the Employment Resource Bureau The average rate of Absenteeism in the workplace is 8 days per annum per employee. What do you think are the most common causes?

Well, according to a recent Small Firms Association (SFA) report. Stress and back pain/injury are the most common causes of absenteeism.

Employers in the community sector should be mindful that they are fulfilling their duty of care by including stress risk assessments as part of Health & Safety Statements reviews.

Implementing a specific policy on workplace stress should also be considered. Aside from the absenteeism, stress can lead to a less productive workforce, faulty decision-making, and ultimately the possibility of legal action for negligence or constructive dismissal.
See full article here.

If you were to consider the overall financial cost to a company for this level of absenteeism, it makes perfect sense to invest a little in the preventative measures to ensure your staff are healthy and happy…

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