Gym Management

Gym Design
21st Zentury Health provides an end-to-end service to the vertical market, from gym design and planning, to sourcing of equipment and providing ongoing fitness services to clients. Attract more customers and sales by adding high quality amenities and leisure facilities into your work place. Let us help you design and create your next Corporate Gym.

As fitness consultants and personal trainers we look at designing your gyms from the perspective of the end user our customer. We understand what type of gym equipment best works for various demographics and fitness environments. We work closely with Fitness equipment providers who provide semi commercial and commercial equipment of exceptional quality and with great after care service.

Fitness Services

Fitness Programs: Weight Loss, Sports Specific, Rehabilitation.

Gym Supervision: 21ST Zentury Health can ascertains your staff’s current individual health profile, and from this, develop a customised fitness program to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.

Fitness Classes: Pilates, Yoga, Body Conditioning, Reebok Strength for life, Circuit Training, Fit Ball, Stretch & Relaxation.

Team Building Programs: We can set up programs designed to foster a sense of team camaraderie   among your employee’s. We have found in the past that Fitness Challenges are both rewarding and also increase employee’s Fitness levels. These Challenges can be Team based or Individual i.e. Tri-Atlon.

Personal Training: is a service in which an experienced professional will map out a tailored exercise plan for an individual, based on their current levels of fitness as well as their fitness goals. Personal trainers are about more than just helping you to get fit though – they help you with motivation to exercise and provide you with guidance, so that you learn how to use equipment safely and correctly. Personal trainers work with all aspects of the body and benefits include an increased self-esteem, lower weight and body fat levels, and better sleeping patterns.

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