Bringing a new life into the world is a miraculous, joyous, wonderful and challenging experience for both expectant partners. The arrival of a baby, particularly the first can transform your relationship. There are now three people sharing your love, time and energy. This is why it is vital to include expectant dads with the pregnancy. You have nine months to fall in love with your baby and feel it grow inside of you but your partner may feel left out and unsure what his role is at the beginning. It is very important that you still have some couple time together and to connect together with your new baby, this can be as simple as him holding your belly as the baby moves. First time dads can be nervous and unsure of what is expected but this can be overcome by including him and allowing him to bond with the baby with you!

During the last trimester I always encourage mums-to-be to bring their partner with them at least once. I teach some simple massage & acupressure techniques for both pregnancy and for labour. Focusing on breath, relaxation, and massage and introducing touch for partner to connect with the baby. This is the perfect opportunity for partners to feel more involved in the pregnancy as they develop confidence in their massage skills; they can ease away your aches and pains with their new massage skills. Massage is a wonderful tool for mother and her birth partner to use during labour. The touch of someone who loves you can be very empowering when you are coping with contractions and you are perhaps feeling tired.

I offer a supportive, light-hearted and relaxed environment for both partners to trust their inner wisdom and connect with their baby.

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