Hopi Ear Candling

What is Ear Candling & the Benefits;

Thermal Auricular Therapy is also known as Thermotherapy, Ear Coning and its most familiar name Hopi Ear Candling.

Hopi ear candling is a very relaxing treatment induced by the heat, it helps with removal of excess ear wax, infections and residuals of past ear infections.  Thermal Auricular Therapy is non-evasive and a very pleasant treatment which is a natural cleansing technique that helps to remove excess wax.

The candle is placed in the ear in a way as to ensure there is a tight seal between the ear and candle. With the elimination of oxygen the ingredients vaporise and are drawn down the outer ear canal.  This creates a small suction and the heat of the vapours inside the ear, gently massages the eardrum. This vibration causes the earwax to loosen.

Hopi Ear Candling is a Holistic Treatment so the benefits are on three levels Physical, Spiritual and Practical.

Physically helping to loosen compacted debris or ear wax, helping to release congestion.  The vibration it causes in the ear drum creates balance throughout the ear and body. There are therapeutic effects from the essential oils – anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and soothing.

Spiritually Cleaning the Aura and working on the top three Chakra’s, Crown, Third Eye and Throat Chakra.

Practically  this treatment is easy to do.  This treatment is ideal for clients who are uncomfortable with removal of their cloths. Benefits of the massage will help with lymphatic drainage, sense of touch, relaxation and timeout for the client. Unique benefits of being cared for.


The Hopi Tribe or Peaceful People live in the northeast of Arizona at the southern western part of the USA have the oldest record of ear candling.  They are highly spiritual people working with Mother Nature.  The oldest paintings of ear candling date back to 1050.  They believed that the “coning” would clean the mind, body and spirit helping the person to meditate more effectively.

Ear Candling are also believed to be used by ancient Egyptians and Chinese for cleansing body and spirit. The Aztec and Mayan cultures used coning for healing and spiritual rituals.

Material variations such as rolled up newspapers were used with incense.

Modern day ear candling is used as a relaxing therapy and treatment of ears and infection.  Biosun are the only candles that you can get insured with.  They are crafted in Germany and the Hopi elders worked with Biosun to ensure the candles are made in accordance with traditional remedies.  The candles are handmade.


The Biosun Candles are handmade using the traditional recipe and regularly tested for quality.

  • Honey Extract – Antiseptic, Resistance building and moisture
  • 100% Beeswax – Anti-Inflammatory and strong Antiseptic
  • Essential Oil of Sage – Stimulating and Detoxifying
  • Essential Oil of Roman Chamomile – Astringent, Anti-Inflammatory, Antixoidant
  • St John’s Wort – Helpful with depression, Soothing on nervous system, relaxing
  • Beta Carotene / Vitamin A – Builds Immune System and is an Antioxidant
  • Flax/Cotton – Organically Grown wrapped in wax.

Safety Features;

  • Plastic Filter – Prevents any residue from entering the ear.  In the shape of Mother Earth Symbol.
  • Red Line – This is to mark the point to stop burning the candle
  • Seam – The seam must be placed towards the Client’s Face as the ash falls in the opposite direction to the seam.
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