Hot & Cold Stone Energetic Properties

Basalt Stones (Hot Stones)Energetic Properties;

  • Promotes the positive side of your personality, reducing negative energy
  • Gives strength in difficult times
  • Helping you to let go and diffuse anger
  • Enhance fertility by promoting health in the reproductive organs
  • Providing Stability “rock” during life changes

Energetic Properties of Marble Cold Stones

  • Enhances thought processing – quickens the mind
  • Encourages Positive outlook
  • Promotes Clarity – deeper meditation
  • Improves total recall of dreams
  • Supports actualizing our true wishes and desires
  • Activates power of thought and peace

Initiates power of thought and peace

Hot & Cold Stone Facial

This blissful facial is a truly unique experience.  Ease away tension and stimulate energy centers in the face with this exotic treatment using heated basalt stones and chilled marble stones. A Chakra Placement of hot stones on the belly, solar plexus, heart, higher heart and 3rd eye, with breath and energy connection. A Stone Facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, toning, masque and hot stone facial massage using Jojoba Oil. Chilled marble stones are massaged around the face to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Warm smooth stones are used to gently massage the face and neck as circulation is stimulated and toxins are eliminated.   This facial experience extends with a hot stone massage of your neck, chest, arms and legs.  A massage effleurage using hot stones is equivalent of ten normal effleurages, so you get ten times more from your hot stone massage.  This pampering facial rejuvenates your skin, leaving it to shimmer with renewed luminosity and suppleness.

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