Power of Touch

The Power of Touch

The power of touch is well documented. Our bodies surge with feel-good endorphins when we are stroked and caressed, boosting our immune system, dulling our responses to pain and even contributing to a longer life. These effects are enhanced during pregnancy. Your increased blood volume not only contributes to a blooming complexion, glossy hair and strong nails, but also means the tiny blood vessels beneath your skin are positively tingling for touch.

A baby bump is intrinsically soothing to the human psyche this is why anyone greeting a pregnant woman will inevitably want to touch her bump. People cannot resist the joy of contact with an unborn child.

Here are some of the benefits I have found doing Pregnancy Massage.

The benefits of Pregnancy Massage:

  •       Provides emotional support for the mum-to-be.
  •       Teaches relaxation techniques to enable the mother to relax and connect with her unborn child
  •       Helps with mums’ posture, through exercise. Teaches Breathing techniques.
  •       Assists in reducing stress on the weight bearing joints e.g. ankles, knees, hips etc.
  •       Pregnancy massage is fantastic for general well-being, increases circulation, helps reduce oedema, helps to relieve back pain and musculoskeletal problems.
  •       Preparation for labour & reassurance that your body knows exactly what to do during labour
  •       A focus on positive aspects of pregnancy such as the connection with the baby, her changing body and emotions.
  •       A time fears or concerns can be voiced.
  •       Helps mum-to-be get a really good night’s sleep!

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