Pregnancy Massage Bray (Wicklow)


Pregnancy Massage with Pamela McCormack

21st ZENtury Health uses The Body Cushion for the safety and comfort of mom-to-be. The body cushion is positioned on the massage table and easily adjusts to each trimester. The benefits of using a body cushion for prenatal massage are:

  • Eliminates the need for pillows, rolled towels, and “one size fits all” pregnancy positioned
  • Provides stable, comfortable support face down or side-lying
    (through full term in most cases)
  • Adjusts to clients of all shapes and sizes
  • Relieves breast discomfort.

75mins Prenatal Massage €75
75mins Induction Massage with Acupressure Points €85

Special Offer:  Buy five Pregnancy Massages and get the sixth one FREE! €375
Expectant Dads can come & learn some Massage Techniques & Acupressure Points for Labour, just add €10

Call/text: 0851583741 or email:   Bookings is essential.

• Provides emotional support for the mum-to-be
• Teaches relaxation techniques to enable the mother to relax and connect with her unborn child
• Helps with the mums’ posture, through exercise. Teaches breathing techniques
• Assists in reducing stress on the weight bearing joints e.g. ankles, knees, hips etc.
• Pregnancy massage is fantastic for general wellbeing, increases circulation, helps reduce oedema, helps to relieve back pain and musculoskeletal problems
• Preparation for labour & reassurance that your body knows exactly what to do during labour
• A focus on positive aspects of pregnancy such as the connection with the baby, her changing body and emotions
• A time fears or concerns can be voiced
• Helps mum-to-be get a really good night’s sleep!


In the first trimester light energetic touch is used along with connection work for mum and baby. Most women can lie comfortably face down, massage on the legs and feet using lymphatic drainage technique, which is light pressure moving toward your heart. Light pressure is also necessary on the abdomen. The rest of your body can be massaged with as much pressure as you like. The baby is well protected by amniotic fluid.  Click here for more information on your babies development in the First Trimester

The second trimester is a very exciting time of growth & change. During this period you begin to feel the baby move and your body starts to look & feel pregnant. Many changes are happening and adaptations are occurring in your body. Postural shifts begin with muscle & ligament aches and pains. As your volume of blood increases so too does your increase of heat output, you will see differences in your skin and a slowing down of bodily functions. Massage techniques are used to address and strengthen your structural variations, helping to alleviate discomfort and promote health & wellbeing. Many women experience a shift in consciousness during this period; they can become more accepting and excited about the pregnancy.

In the second trimester I use the body cushion, I have used it with many of my clients and in nearly all the cases, mums-to-be love it. It allows you to have a really good back massage and many women love the fact they can safely lie on their tummy for a time. The body cushion optimizes correct postural alignment and offers safe, uncompromised comfort that is the best position for pregancy. This countoured cushion gives extra room from growing breasts, making it much more comfortable for mum. Alternatively a side position can be used on a table or a special floor mattress, whichever is comfortable for mother. Click here for more information on your babies development in the Second Trimester


During this trimester, many women experience some aches & pains due to her exaggerated posture, placing stress on weight-bearing joints and musculature.  The increased blood volume, extra interstitial fluid and weight gain contribute to stiffness and soreness in the body.  Massage helps to alleviate these symptoms by decreasing oedema, increasing venous outflow from the lower extremities and improve the condition of the smooth muscles in for to normalize venous function.

I focus a lot of attention in the last part of the third trimester on supporting the women and encouraging her to tune into her inner strength and wisdom and empower herself for childbirth.  Preparation for labor is a large part of my massage towards the end of the pregnancy.  Breath-work, visualization and work with swiss balls are all used to focus on optimal fetal positioning.  The last trimester brings emotional highs and lows for many women, with the right support, nurturing and understanding this trimester can be a truly enlightening experience in a women’s life.  As the pregnancy nears the end, I use acupressure points to encourage baby into the world.  Click here for more information on your babies development in the Third Trimester

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