What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an holistic treatment  which means that the aim of the reflexologist is to treat the whole person, body, mind and spirit, to help induce a state of balance and harmony, stimulating the bodies own potential to heal itself.  It is an non invasive therapy performed on the feet using special manipulations with varying degrees of pressure to provide benefits to the client that are both physical and emotional.

It is based on the principle that there are reflex zones in the feet which are linked by energy pathways to corresponding body parts and organs and when pressure is applied, it stimulates the movement of energy along these pathways enabling it to flow to where it is needed most.

Reflexology can also be carried out on the hands of an individual if for example the foot is contraindicated or there is a missing or paralysed limb for example.


Reflexology can be traced  as far back as Egyptian times (2500bc), where a tomb belonging to a highly respected physician, Ankhmahor, displayed  pictures of a scene depicting the possible practice of reflexology. It was also said to be practised in ancient india and that the Buddhist monks who travelled to china took with them the techniques and practise of reflexology.

The Chinese had been using acupuncture for healing, also based on the teaching that the body is divided into longitudinal meridians and with the application of needles along these meridians it would release any blockages in the persons energy lines restoring them to balance, the Japanese adapted a similar theory using pressure points along these meridian lines to reach the same desired effect, this is called shiatsu.

In the twentieth century, a french physician named Dr. William Fitzgerald claims to have discovered zone therapy.  He discovered while working with patients that applying pressure to certain points in the nose, mouth, throat and on the tongue deadened the sensation in certain areas of the body.  These discoveries led him to map out the areas of the body and their connections as well as noting the condition affected by the pressure points, and call it zone therapy.  Eunice Ingham, who became known as “the mother of modern reflexology” developed zone therapy much further by mapping the entire body on the feet and developing reflex points which would correspond with each of the bodys organs.  The Reflexology practiced today by most therapists is based on the research and findings of Eunice and her nephew Dwight Byers, director of the international Institute of Reflexology in Florida.

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