Second Trimester

Pregnancy Massage with Pamela McCormack

Second Trimester

The 2nd Trimester is between 13-28 weeks.  This is the period in pregnancy that many women feel at their best and begin to really show their bump!  Your doctor may be able to determine your baby’s sex.  Your baby will begin to grow a fine hair (Lanugo) that covers the body to protect whilst in amniotic fluid.  Your baby will grow his/her eyebrows and eyelashes. By 16 weeks your baby will become sensitive to light and by 24 weeks hearing develops.  By the end of this trimester your baby will grow to around 11inches & weigh about 1 1/2lbs..

At the end of 4 months:

  •       Fetus is 6 1/2 to 7 inches long
  •       Weight is about 6 to 7 ounces
  •       Fetus is developing reflexes such as sucking and swallowing. Fetus may begin sucking his/her thumb
  •       Tooth buds are developing
  •       Sweat glands are forming on palms and soles
  •       Fingers and toes are well defined
  •       Sex is identifiable
  •       Skin is bright pink, transparent and covered with soft, downy hair
  •       Although recognizably human in appearance, the baby would not be able to survive outside the mother’s body

 At the end of 5 months:

  •       Fetus is 8 to 10 inches long
  •       Weight is about 1 pound
  •       Hair begins to grow on his/her head
  •       Soft woolly hair called lanugo will cover its body (and some may remain until a week after birth when it is shed)
  •       Mother begins to feel fetal movement
  •       Internal organs are maturing
  •       Eyebrows, eyelids and eyelashes appear

 At the end of 6 months:

  •       Fetus is 11 to 14 inches long
  •       Weight is about 1 3/4 to 2 pounds
  •       Eyelids begin to part and eyes open occasionally for short periods of time
  •       Skin is covered with protective coating called vernix
  •       Fetus is able to hiccup

Pregnancy Massage in Second Trimester

The second trimester is a very exciting time of growth & change.  During this period you begin to feel the baby move and your body starts to look & feel pregnant.  Many changes are happening and adaptations are occurring in your body.  Postural shifts begin with muscle & ligament aches and pains.  As your volume of blood increases so too does your increase of heat output, you will see differences in your skin and a slowing down of bodily functions.   Massage techniques are used to address and strengthen your structural variations, helping to alleviate discomfort and promote health & wellbeing.  Many women experience a shift in consciousness during this period; they can become more accepting and excited about the pregnancy.

In the second trimester I use the body cushion, I have used it with many of my clients and in nearly all the cases, mums-to-be love it.  It allows you to have a really good back massage and many women love the fact they can safely lie on their tummy for a time.  The body cushion optimizes correct postural alignment and offers safe, uncompromised comfort that is the best position for pregnancy.  This contoured cushion gives extra room from growing breasts, making it much more comfortable for mum.  Alternatively a side position can be used on a table or a special floor mattress, whichever is comfortable for mother.

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