Simple Meditations

For Mental Clarity, meditate daily for 20mins. If your thinking is clear, bright & fresh, you will be better equipped to get through life’s challenges. Meditating takes practice, here are some simple meditations you can try…

20mins Silence

If you find meditation hard, simply try to spend 20 minutes a day in silence.  Switch of f your mobile phone, TV, radio and computer and find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes, relax your body, and let your mind wander. You’ll be surprised how refreshed you fell afterwards. Eva Gizowska

“Smile into your Liver”

Sit quietly for 20 minutes. Make sure you are comfortable & warm & that your eyes are gently closed. Become aware of your breath, start to focus on your normal breathing pattern. Put a big happy smile on your face & feel that smile deep down to every fiber of your being, right down to your liver.

Identifying your Emotional State

This thought exercise will allow you to identify and rebalance your underlying emotional state, the emotional thought energy that underpins your personality & your life. It will reveal the essence of what you feel & why you feel it. Do this exercise for as long as is necessary at any time of the day….

Sit quietly. Make sure you are comfortable & warm & that your eyes are gently closed. Now Start to be aware of your breathing, & its rising & falling. Focus upon your physical heart & imagine, now, that you are breathing in and out of your physical heart. Now begin to feel, with every breath, an emotion rise & fall.  This may be any emotion, simply let it come & observe it.

This emotion will be followed by another and another.  As each emotion passes through your heart, your focused breathing extracts the essence of the emotion so that you feel it totally, throughout your body, then you let it dissolve into your heart until it is gone.

Let your emotions come & go until you reach an emotion that is not altered by your breath & does not dissolve. This is your essential emotional thought energy. As you identify it you will, at the same time, know what is needed to keep your life in balance. Christopher Hansard

Join a Meditation Class

Don’t fancy doing meditation on your own, why not join a Guided Meditation Class…this will deepen your spiritual awareness and you’ll make some interesting new friends.  We run a 4wk meditation class after Jim’s Yoga Class on Wednesday evening at 9.15pm with Jim…Like to try one out over the next couple of weeks…Do a drop in class for €11!

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