Pamela McCormack

I have been massaging people and doing Pregnancy Massage since 2005.  I always tailor the massage to the specific needs of the clients on the day of the massage.  Over the years my intuition and senses have heightened greatly, giving me the ability to know where to focus my attention.  In most cases I can see and feel the problem area and instinctively know what technique to apply to alleviate the symptoms.  I can honestly say that no two treatments are the same.  I’m a strong believer in our own ability to heal ourselves and I am just a facilitator to the healing process by educating my clients with aftercare advice that can be used at home.

The vast majority of my clients present with upper back, shoulder and neck problems, which can sometimes, when left too long, lead to pain down the arm and numbness in the fingers.  After five or six massages these symptoms often disappear entirely, improving their range of movement dramatically.

By far the most important thing for people, is to feel supported and nurtured throughout the treatment.  I believe that when we take the time to care for ourselves we can then lend support to others effortlessly.

I have a treatment room in Old Connaught in Bray. It is  beautiful, surrounded by mountains view of Bray Head and the  sea…many of our clients tell us that they are transported effortlessly to total relaxation.

Do come along and try out one of our treatments for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

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