What to expect…

At the beginning of a treatment we will complete a consultation form which will include questions concerning your general health and lifestyle, medications taken if any, and rule out the possibility of any contraindications present, so first time visitors please arrive 10mins before your treatment. When the initial consultation is complete you will be directed to the plinth (massage couch), where there will be fresh sarongs/towels laid, the therapist will excuse themselves for a couple of minutes to allow you to disrobe in complete privacy. Leaving your underwear on, you simply wrap one of the sarongs around your body, and lie face down on the plinth using the face hole for your comfort, the therapist will rejoin you and adjust the sarong for the treatment and begin. The therapist  uses a sarong technique known as draping which basically means the therapist will only uncover the area that they working on and the rest of the body remains fully covered.

After the treatment your therapist will discuss any homecare advice appropriate for you personally. This may include basic dietary advice, stretching, relaxation techniques and stress management techniques.

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